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About Chieftain Trailers Africa

Chieftain Trailers was originally founded in Northern Ireland by Mr John Quinn and his family, for the sole purpose of creating specialized trailers for specialized industries that cultivate and harvest the land.

In Mr Quinn’s words: “For those who build upon the land, for those who transform and enrich the land, for those who cultivate and harvest the land, Chieftain is dedicated to your success.”

Mr Quinn designed and developed these trailers to assist the agricultural, construction, transportation, rail, fuel and forestry industries within Ireland and further England, Scotland & Wales. Although a family run business, together Chieftain continues to impact the lives of farmers, builders, construction workers, construction companies and many more.

Chieftain Trailers Africa was formed after Nicholas Ryan had experienced the Chieftain Trailers in Ireland, and realized the vast opportunity in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa within the Mining, Construction and Agricultural industries as well as the lack in presence of a specialized trailer manufacturer to assist these industries, in Africa, with better and more efficient productivity.

The RCF Motor Group, owned by Nicholas Ryan, acquired the Chieftain Trailers Agency for Southern Africa and set-up an efficient production plant for quality built, specialized trailers, designed for Africa and suited to African conditions.

Chieftain's production facilities include an on-site shot blaster, a paint facility, robotic welders and highly skilled personnel with many years of experience in the trailer manufacturing industry. The Chieftain team have an intense attention to detail, and commitment to engineering excellence, has been both officially and independently recognised.

The robust trailers are built to stringent EU specifications, the strictest quality checks, and ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

The product range includes:

Tractor drawn trailers

·         Dump Trailers (12 Ton, 20 Ton and 25 Ton Dumpers)

·         Slurry Tankers

·         2 Axle Low Speed Drawbar Trailers

·         3 Axle Low Speed Drawbar Trailers

Commercial Truck drawn trailers

·         3 Axle Lowbed Trailers

·         4 Axle Lowbed Trailers

·         2 Axle High Speed Drawbar Trailers

·         3 Axle High Speed Drawbar Trailers

Rail Trailers:

·         JCB Fastrac Rail Conversion

·         3 Way Tipping Road Rail Trailer

·         Platform Rail Trailer

These trailers are suitable for transporting various types of construction machinery like TLBs, excavators and more or assisting with the transportation of various different materials. The range is an asset to any construction contractor, miner or farmer throughout Africa.

Chieftain Africa take pride in the fact that their factory and processes are state of the art and are continuing to recruit and develop people with the skills that they need for the future. Chieftain Africa is committed to the production of high quality products at competitive costs in a flexible and supportive working environment.

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